Happy Hour Roundtable Event,  6:00 PM – 8:00 PM, October 22, 2018
Savvy Cellar Wine Bar & Wine Shop, 750 West Evelyn Avenue, Mountain View, CA 94041

Speaker: Kevin Liu, Director of Marketing Operations at MongoDB – responsible for automating all marketing programs, architecting the marketing systems infrastructure, and developing processes and strategy for using marketing softwares...

Integrating AI/Machine Learning/Predictive Technologies into your Marketing Stack

Machine Learning. AI. Predictive. These are all the rage and the latest buzzwords we are hearing from marketing tech vendors. But what can the software actually do? Join us for our next round table session to see how Kevin Liu, Director of Marketing Operations & Analytics at MongoDB, uses predictive lead scoring and conversational AI in their marketing stack and how mongoDB was able to see results.

Monthly Event,  5:30 PM – 7:45 PM, November 8, 2018
Detati Digital Marketing, 265 Caspian Drive, Sunnyvale, CA 94089

Speaker: Sudha Jamthe, CEO of IoTDisruptions.com – a globally recognized Technology Futurist with 20+ year mix of entrepreneurial, academic and operational experience from eBay, PayPal, GTE and Harcourt. She is the author of "2030 The Driverless World: Business Transformation from Autonomous Vehicles" and 3 IoT books, teacher of IoT and Autonomous Vehicles business courses at Stanford Continuing Studies and at DriverlessWorldSchool.com."

Marketing Leadership for the Driverless World

The Driverless car is accelerating the pace of innovation and bringing IoT and AI to our cities, homes, factories redefining the future of mobility. As technology innovations evolve in all realms, all industries are being disrupted.  Marketers are needed to bring leadership to keep the focus on customers and drive new business models, value creations and extension of existing businesses to new products and markets.

Come learn about the disruptions in this Driverless World and the opportunities it presents for marketers and what you can do today to engage and drive this change to help your business and careers.

Happy Hour Roundtable Event,  6:00 PM – 8:00 PM, December 3, 2018
Savvy Cellar Wine Bar & Wine Shop, 750 West Evelyn Avenue, Mountain View, CA 94041

Speaker: Andrew Nester, CMO at Nuix –At the core, Andrew connects customers with Nuix by showcasing how their solutions help to solve the most difficult data challenges of today. Andrew oversees an integrated marketing team focused on demand generation, content creation, product & solution marketing, sales and channel partner enablement, event coordination, and public relations. Andrew is a B2B marketing veteran, having spent over 15 years working to bring numerous big data technologies to market.

Breaking through with your CFO

As a marketing leader, you have many stakeholders within your company that can help or hinder your marketing objectives. We often focus a lot on the CEO/Founder, but experience shows, the CEO/Founder is already a big advocate of Marketing, so much so your role is often to rein them in. The CFO, on the other hand is usually not predestined to be a marketing advocate. The CFO’s job is to be the ultimate pragmatist and demand everything must be measured daily if possible.

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