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It is one of the main questions that hypertensive or high pressure people ask themselves through the internet, and it is the main objective of the DASH diet through correct eating habits such as the decrease in sodium consumption, the increase in calcium, potassium and magnesium consumption of In a natural way, in addition to the diet there are other recommendations that you can follow and that when combined will have a greater effect by following only one of the recommendations.

Measure Blood Pressure:

In addition to the DASH diet and as we have indicated on other occasions the main way to control blood pressure is Pressure Meter or blood pressure monitor in an easy and constant way what are the levels of this and for this a blood pressure meter is necessary. With this You will know how effective are the measures you are taking in order to have blood pressure at normal levels. The symptoms of hypertension are confusing and it is very difficult to determine without medical help or appropriate instruments when the values ​​are out of parameters. To help you in your decision we have created a list of the best blood pressure meters so that you can make the best decision. Remember that the values ​​provided by these devices it is important that you share them with your doctor so that together they make the decisions that will help you lower the high blood pressure.

  • Lose Weight:

One of the main causes of hypertension is overweight, studies show that just losing 10 pounds of weight (4.5 Kilograms) will have an immediate effect on blood pressure, this adds to the fact that being overweight makes our heart try harder, so with weight loss you can not only lower the pressure but also release your heart from a certain load, as a general rule, the greater the weight lost, the greater the incidence of blood pressure, finally there is the point that the lower the body weight the better effect they will have Medications to control hypertension.

  • Physical Exercise:

You may have heard that when we exercise our blood pressure increases, this is true, but it only increases during the phase in which we are exercising and returns to its normal levels. Once the exercise is over, the faster you recover in a better state physical you are. Usually people with controlled hypertension can start exercise routines once they have confirmed with their doctor that they can do it, according to studies on this, exercising between 30 to 60 minutes a day for 4 to 5 days a week can have an impact of 4 to 9 (mm Hg) of decrease in blood pressure in just a few weeks after the start of the exercise routine and can avoid going from pre hypertensive (120 to 139 Systolic or 80 to 89 Diastolic) to Hypertensive without the need for medication.

“Consult your health specialist and confirm the best way to start an exercise routine in order to lower blood pressure”.

An important recommendation for those who plan to do aerobic exercises, is the use of a heart rate watch with which you can see the behavior of your heart when you are exercising, one of the most interesting functions of these watches is that they automatically connect to the machines aerobics of the gyms and they calculate not only the heart rate, but the amount of real calories you consume, if you like outdoor sports some models come with integrated GPS and calculate the distance traveled and they usually include computer programs where you see how your physical form evolves. One of the main brands of these heart rate monitors is Polar, you can see more details in this link.

  • Control the Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages:

Recent studies show that moderate-dose drinks such as wine can help our health, but these positive effects are affected and worse still cause negative effects if their consumption is more than a daily serving (12 ounces) for women or men over 65 or more than 2 servings for men under 65.

  • Stop Smoking and Stop Using Tobacco Products:

In addition to the already known damage to the lungs and heart, smoking has a high incidence in blood pressure that can increase it by 10 mmHg, smoking narrows the arteries causing an increase in blood pressure, but blood pressure same cause narrowing of the arteries, so a hypertensive smoker has twice the incidence of this disease causing fatal health effects.

  • Stress:

When we are under stress, we usually have an increase in blood pressure while still being medicated, so any other measures we take to reduce blood pressure will have no effect if we are constantly under stressful situations, although the Stress is a natural reaction of the human being when it is subjected to specific external stimuli, we must look for ways to avoid it and control it, the best way is knowing what are the situations that lead us to it so that we can avoid it or at least control the impact that these will have on us. One of the main causes of stress is the lack of organization, be it work, financial or family, when we have an effective action plan in the face of day-to-day situations, when these occur they do not negatively impact us as we know how we can solve them. Another important aspect with proven positive effects to combat stress is meditation; there are countless books and websites on meditation that will help you to control it. Last but not least, is family support, as you know the dash diet is not a fad diet, it is a food style is a way of life, the best way to carry it is to do it together, if you have These children from before birth are predisposed to be hypertensive, so teaching them from early and educating the palate will facilitate a healthy, healthy lifestyle and great satisfaction for all.



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