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There is a widespread belief that ensures that eating bananas favors weight gain. But to what extent is this statement true? What does science say about it? Today, in Nutrition without More we show you the scientific arguments that show if the banana fattens or thins.

1. Banana Carbohydrates are Different:

Banana is a very nutritious fruit, rich in vitamin C, potassium and fiber, as well as having significant amounts of other vitamins and minerals. But surely the first thing that comes to mind when you think about eating a banana is that it contains a lot of carbohydrates. And, of course, you keep hearing that low carb diets are the most effective method to lose weight and, therefore, the banana should be a forbidden fruit if your goal is to reduce some kilos, right?

Well, there is something you need to know: you are wrong to think so. It is true that bananas contain carbohydrates in the form of starch or sugar (depending on maturity), but this does not mean that eating bananas makes you fat. In fact, the natural fructose (sugar) that fruits, and ripe bananas possess, is very different from the fructose found in processed foods.

“Fructose has harmful effects only when consumed in large quantities and it is almost impossible to ingest excess fructose by eating fruit”.

In addition, the effects of fructose are reduced by the high amount of fiber present in all fruits, and also in bananas.

2. Banana is Low in Calories:

As you well know, low calorie intake helps you lose weight and low-calorie foods are the key to low-calorie diets, another weight loss technique. Therefore, I think it is important that you know that a banana contains only 105 calories, a very low amount if you compare it with the 322 calories it contains, for example, an avocado. This is another test that guarantees that you can eat bananas without fear of getting fat.

3. Eating Bananas Decreases Appetite:

There is no better way to calm hunger than to eat a banana, I assure you. From my home office I have an hour’s walk, and every afternoon when I finish my day I take a banana that makes me not eat the wheel thinking about dinner. And you wonder … what makes the banana soothe your appetite? The answer is its fiber content. Bananas contain two types of fiber that have been associated with appetite reduction: pectin and resistant starch. On the one hand, pectin delays stomach emptying and increases the feeling of fullness, which keeps you full for longer and reduces the appearance of hunger. On the other hand, resistant starch also has the ability to increase satiety and numerous studies refer to this substance as a very favorable element for weight loss. Also, you should know that the intake of resistant starch benefits your health in many aspects: it reduces the risk of diabetes, prevents kidney stones, and reduces cholesterol…And if you still have doubts… In a study involving more than 200 women over a period of 20 months, it was observed that for every daily gram of additional fiber consumed there was a weight loss equivalent to 250 g


There is no scientific evidence to show that the consumption of bananas favors weight gain. Moreover, all the qualities and characteristics of the banana indicate that its intake helps you lose weight. Bananas are a very satiating, low-calorie and incredibly healthy food.


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