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The medical community is often divided over the concept of detoxification and whether or not they produce the desired results. It may seem that alternative medicine works, but only to a certain extent. Some Ayurvedic texts recommend several methods, from fasting to clean the digestive system to cleaning the sinuses. A detoxification can be done either through food, liquids, massages or cleanings. But, before following any detoxification routine, be sure to check for pre-existing medical conditions that may interfere with detoxification and make it dangerous. For example, people recovering from jaundice should not undergo liver detoxification.

Detoxification can be directed to the body in general or to particular systems. Here, we will discuss 4 specific detoxification plans for 4 different systems in your body – the digestive system, the kidneys and the excretory system, the liver and the lymphatic system.

1. Renal Detoxification:

Being the natural detoxification filter of our body, the kidneys receive a good part of toxic chemicals. Alcohol and certain heavy metals are harmful to the kidneys. Therefore, it is good to detox as often as possible. There are different types of renal detoxification and most work by eliminating toxic chemicals and rinsing them through the urine. Here is a sample of detoxification with the hydrangea root, which can be found in stores of natural health products.

  • Mix 225 ml of apple juice with 20 drops of an extract of hydrangea root.
  • Start the day with this drink to clean your kidneys.
  • Also, eat watermelon as often as you can.

Note: Be sure to do this on a holiday because the high water content in the fruit may make it necessary to go to the bathroom frequently. In addition, due to the sugar content in fruits and high levels of water production through the urine, insulin overload or shock may occur. Therefore, diabetics and those with high blood pressure should avoid this detoxification.

2. Liver Detoxification:

After the kidneys, the liver supports a large part of all the chemicals in the food you eat.

“The fast food culture promotes fatty liver syndrome as more fats begin to accumulate in the liver”.

In addition, the liver also serves as a filter for all bacteria absorbed in the intestine before they can enter the bloodstream. Therefore, detoxifying the liver from time to time may not be a bad idea but one that you need frequently.

  • Eat glutathione-rich foods such as dairy products, eggs and meat that act as natural liver protectors.
  • Look for foods rich in antioxidants such as oranges, berries and crucifers to give the liver an antioxidant boost.

3. Lymphatic System Detoxification:

The lymphatic system has a key role to play in the body, since it removes harmful wastes from tissues and removes them from the body. Locate infections and prevent bacteria from spreading throughout the body. In fact, any boil you get is often the work of the lymph nodes. Detoxifying the lymphatic system can help eliminate any residual microbes and toxic chemicals that your body may have accumulated over time. With an improved circulation in the lymphatic system, your immune system will receive a boost, making you feel energized. Manual lymphatic drainage is a massage therapy invented in the 1930s to help improve circulation in this system. You can make a variation of this massage at home. Here is how:

  • Place your fingers under the ear and massage down until you reach the shoulders.
  • Repeat this action about 10 times.
  • If you want a full-body lymphatic detox, go to Swedish massages or other deep tissue massages.

4. Intestinal Detoxification:

We have barely begun to understand the connection between the intestine and conditions such as allergies, immunity and even our mood. Detoxifying the intestine restores the healthy balance of the flora, reduces swelling and makes you feel energized.

  • Eat foods high in fiber as they help to effectively eliminate waste from the colon.
  • Mix 1 tablespoon of activated charcoal in a tall glass of water and drink it. Activated carbon is often used in the emergency room to eliminate toxins and sometimes even poison.
  • Bone broth can be prepared at home by simmering leftover bones for 12 hours or more. It contains gelatin and collagen, which repairs and heals the intestinal lining from the inside.

Healthy eating habits, along with limited exposure to contaminants, can help a lot to keep you fit. A detox once every few weeks can restore the systems, but the best way to keep them in the long term is to eat well, rest and exercise enough to eliminate toxins naturally.



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