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It is important to know the various benefits of blackberry leaves for health, since these benefits are very useful for treating many types of diseases and preventing them from happening. Yes, people generally take blackberry fruit to consume and often remove the leaves, since they think that those leaves are no longer used. However, you can actually use the leaves for many types of things if you know the great nutrient and the best properties they have, which have proven beneficial for your body.

Use of the Benefits of Blackberry Leaves as Herbal Medicine:

That is the reason why, many people in the herbal medicine industry have long used blackberry leaves to treat various diseases. In addition, there are already several studies that use to prove the benefits of blackberry leaves to know if they are really effective or not. The result of these studies is surprising, since they are able to demonstrate the benefits of consuming blackberry leaves for their health. In addition, they can also know which nutrient contained in blackberry leaves is beneficial for human health. If you are interested, we already collect all the information about the health benefits you can get when you consume blackberry leaves or use it in many ways. Now let’s take a look at several benefits you can get from it, within the benefits of blackberry leaves we can find the following:

1. Mouth Cleaner:

If you want to know the health benefits of blackberry leaves, you should know that there is an antibacterial property within this leaf. It is very good that it is used to eliminate bacteria in the mouth, therefore, you can try to use the leaves as an oral cleanser. By cleaning your mouth regularly, you can prevent many types of diseases that can happen to your mouth, for example, gum inflammation, gum infection and other problems in the area of ​​the teeth.

2. Sore Throat:

If you feel your throat itch or it hurts, you may have symptoms of a sore throat. This will also affect your voice, which makes it sound hoarse. But do not worry because blackberry leaves can be used as a treatment for sore throat. What you should do is boil the leaves with water and then drink water while it is still hot to cure your sore throat.

3. Mouth Pain:

Not only your throat, but sometimes, your mouth area can also hurt. That is the time for you to take advantage of the health benefits of blackberry leaves that can treat your mouth pain.

“In addition, you can use the leaves as a prevention for inflammation of the mouth”.

What you should do is use it in the same way as when using a mouthwash. By using blackberry leaves they have washed their mouths, so you can eliminate all the bacteria that cause mouth pain, so you can prevent it from happening.

4. Mucous Membrane:

If you feel any problem in the mucous membrane caused by inflammation, then you can try using blackberry leaves as a treatment. These leaves have anti-inflammatory properties, which can treat the problem that occurs in the mucous membrane. For the outer mucous membrane, you can wash or gargle with the leaves of water to treat it. In addition, you can use the leaves as tea to treat the inner mucous membrane more effectively.

5. Diarrhea:

Diarrhea can occur at any time without notice, but you should not worry as you can use the health benefits of blackberry leaves to treat it. There is a great nutrient inside the leaves that can treat diarrhea symptoms in your body. And that nutrient is the tannins whose use has already been tested by Commission E. according to that German regulatory agency, it can take the leaves up to 4.5 grams as a treatment for diarrhea symptoms. You can take them in supplement form or in dry form as tea. What you should do is boil the dried leaves with a cup of water, then drink half a cup of tea for every hour of treatment. However, since this treatment is an herbal treatment, you should keep in mind that not all types of diarrhea are suitable for treatment with an herbal treatment.

6. Immune System:

Another important use of nutrients within blackberry leaves is that it is able to boost your immune system. There is a large amount of flavonoids inside the leaves, which are quercetin and kaempferol, and both are available within the leaves of the amora. It is also considered as a form of antioxidant. This nutrient can also boost your immune system and eliminate dangerous viruses and bacteria. By having a better immune system, you won’t get too easy.

7. Wound Treatment:

The easy-to-use health benefits of blackberry leaves could be because you can use it to treat your wound. Especially for those who are inflamed that it is also very easy to treat with the leaves, since it has anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, since the leaves also have an antibacterial agent, it will also clean the wound completely, so there will be no more side effects that can happen to the wound.

8. Treatment of Ulcers:

Another disease that can be treated with amora leaves is this ulcer disease. In fact, there is already a study for this disease and the use of blackberry leaves as a treatment. The result was published in the “Antimicrobial Agents International Journal” for its July 2009 edition. The study is a behavior on bacteria that is known to cause stomach ulcer diseases. In addition, it is known that these bacteria developed some resistance to the antibiotics used to treat the disease. On the other hand, the antibiotic used to treat the disease itself is not available, especially in developed countries. That is why the study wants to know the effect of blackberry leaves on the bacteria. The result of the study is surprising, Since blackberry leaves have an antibacterial agent that has proven effective against bacteria. Based on the study,

9. Hemorrhoids:

Hemorrhoids cause your veins to swell and swell, which is also very painful. But you should not worry, since the health benefits of blackberry leaves are able to treat this disease. Especially because the leaves have anti-inflammatory properties that you can use as a treatment for hemorrhoids. You can take the leaves and turn them into tea, which you can consume daily until the hemorrhoid disappears.

10. Heart:

The health benefits of blackberry leaves that you can get may be because the leaves are able to maintain the health of your heart. Especially since the leaves contain a large amount of flavonoids that can prevent many types of cardiovascular diseases. That is why, if you want to maintain the health of your heart, then you may want to take this blackberry leaves regularly.

11. Free Radicals:

You know that there are many free radicals everywhere that can easily enter your body either through the food you eat or even directly from the environment. These free radicals are very dangerous because they can cause various diseases, cancer, premature aging and many others. Therefore, it is very important that your body has the ability to eliminate those free radicals from your body. The large amount of antioxidants inside blackberry leaves is able to help your body eliminate free radicals inside. Therefore, it is very good for you to consume the leaves, as it can cause your body to become clean from free radicals.

12. Skin Rash:

There are many things that can cause a skin rash and one of them is an infection. The infection will cause the skin to become itchy, bulging, scaly and irritated. Therefore, it is important that you treat the infection to eliminate these symptoms. The best thing is that you can use blackberry leaves as a treatment to cure the infection. What you should do is soak 3 to 4 of the leaves in a bowl of warm water. Dip a clean cloth into the water and then apply the cloth to the affected area. Repeat a few days until the rash is completely removed.

13. Treatment of the Flu:

The flu and even the cold can appear at any time without your noticing. It may even appear regularly which causes you to take too much medicine to cure it. That’s why sometimes you don’t want to take chemical medications to treat it. When that is what happens, then you should try to use the health benefits of blackberry leaves to cure this disease. What you should do is mix 1 ounce of leaves along with 1 ounce of these elements, which are linden flowers, elder flowers, as well as mint leaves.

14. Rheumatism:

Once you have rheumatism, you may feel the symptoms appear and disappear. While there is no exact cure for this disease, you may be able to relieve the symptoms. As you know, rheumatisms are caused by inflammation that occurs in the joints of various parts of your body. With the anti-inflammatory agent that is inside the blackberry leaves, you can relieve the pain that occurs in the joints and reduce the pain at the same time. What you should do is boil several dried leaves and then drink at least one cup of water every two days until the symptoms are eliminated.

15. Cancer:

Other health benefits of blackberry leaves are because they can protect you from cancer. Especially because the leaves contain a lot of antioxidants that can help your body fight free radicals. Those free radicals are known to cause several cancers. Therefore, if you want to prevent cancers from happening, then you may want to consume blackberry leaves regularly. In addition, if you consume the leaves internally, it is also effective in helping you prevent colon cancer. Of course, other types of cancer can also be prevented when you consume these leaves regularly. Those are several benefits of blackberry leaves that you should know so that you can take advantage of the benefits for your own health. As there are many nutrients inside the blackberry leaves that also have different types of properties, you can use the leaves as a treatment and prevention for many types of diseases. It is also able to increase your immune system that is surely beneficial since you can be healthier by consuming these blackberry leaves. The leaves can be consumed orally or externally according to the symptoms that you want to alleviate with the benefits.



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