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Twitter has announced this Wednesday a revision of the rules of use of the social network related to the pandemic of the new coronavirus to combat content that has ” a clear objective of call to action that may pose a direct risk to health or well-being of people”. Since March 18, Twitter Spain has eliminated more than 2,200 messages for containing misleading and potentially harmful content and has acted on more than 3.4 million accounts that were aimed at discussions about COVID-19 with manipulative or spam behaviors.

In a review of its policy to combat harmful content and “keep people safe”, the social network has indicated that it will remove content that threatens people’s health or well-being , although it will not be able to “take compliance measures” in the case of messages with “incomplete or disputed information about COVID-19”.

In a note on his blog, Twitter Spain announces that in general terms he will act in the case of appreciating content that denies the recommendations of global or local health authorities and increases the risk of contagion, that denies the advice of experts , that encourages Using harmful treatments or protective measures known to be ineffective or to be misleading, posing as experts or authorities.

Specifically, it has specified that it will eliminate the content that denies the recommendations of the global or local health authorities to reduce the probability of someone being exposed to COVID-19, the one related to the description of treatments or protection measures that are not immediately harmful but that are known to be ineffective or are shared with the intention of deceiving others, even if they are made as a joke

Likewise in the case of messages containing the denial of scientific data on contagion during the incubation period or the contagion guide from global and local health authorities or specific appeals regarding information from COVID-19 that seeks to manipulate people to have a certain behavior for the benefit of a third or.

It will also act in the case of specific and unverified claims that incite people to action and cause widespread panic, social unrest or large-scale disorder or in the case of specific and unverified claims made by people posing as an official. or government or health organization, such as a parody account by a health official indicating that the country’s quarantine has ended.

The social network will also remove content that seeks to spread false or misleading information about Covid-19’s diagnostic criteria or procedures , as well as false or misleading claims about how to differentiate between Covid-19 and a different disease, and whether that information attempts to diagnose definitely someone . It will also not accept claims that specific groups or nationalities are not or are more susceptible to COVID-19. “The social network has indicated that it will carry out daily quality assurance checks in the content application processes to ensure that agile in responding to this “rapidly evolving global problem”.


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