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Women are stepping forward to show the world how to effectively manage a crisis picture.

From Iceland to Taiwan and from Germany to New Zealand, women are stepping forward to show the world how to effectively manage a crisis picture. Thus begins the analysis of Forbes magazine that has traveled the world, with its article: ” What do the countries with the best coronavirus responses have in common? Women leaders.”

The empathy these leaders have communicated seems to come from a parallel universe to which we have become accustomed. A pole opposed to the stories of strong men who use the crisis to accelerate a terrifying authoritarianism, blame others and capture power, such as the cases of Trump in the United States, Bolsonaro in Brazil, Obrador in Mexico, Orban in Hungary, among so many others.

To understand this situation, it is useful to go back to history. The model of modern democracy that predominates in much of the world has its roots in the American experiment that began around 1754, which was inspired by the “Iroquois Confederation.”

This confederation of six American tribes lived in a system successful in reducing conflict and promoting collective well-being for more than a century. They operated under a democratic and decentralized system of government known as “the Great Law of Peace,” which, among others, was based on the harmony of male and female energies.

Initially, this modern democracy experiment started with many healthy elements of male energy, such as the love of freedom, courage, perseverance, and success orientation. However, from the beginning they ignored the compensatory feminine energy, that integrative, flexible, empathetic and containing energy, gradually becoming unbalanced and hyper-masculine.

Thus the harmony was broken, and a mentality of winning at all costs through domination, aggression and excessive competitiveness was nourished. It is for this reason that hyper-male governments such as those of Trump or Bolsonaro seem unable to channel the collective interest of society during the crisis. They are the wild men leading.

In a simplistic way, we could think that it is a problem of gender parity, and conclude that the solution is to add more women to leadership positions. In part this is necessary. However, it is only the tip of the iceberg. The challenge is deeper, it has to do with understanding that, regardless of our gender, we all have feminine and masculine energy.

Ancient wisdom has studied it for centuries, like Chinese medicine with its well-known Yin and Yang. Yin refers to the feminine energies and Yang to the masculine energies in us. If we want to be healthy both individually and collectively, we must find balance. This will allow us to use both available energies, drawing on them when we need them.

In this context, the women world leaders mentioned by Forbes are not simply women in charge. Apparently they found the coronavirus vaccine: they are aware of its resources, both male and female, and have turned to their female side to empathize with, contain, and seek to promote common well-being.

In this way, the coronavirus appears to us as a turning point, a critical milestone in history where we must awaken our consciousness and find the balance to continue. It is time to recognize the feminine and masculine resources that we have to face the crisis of our times and create a more prosperous future.


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