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Entrepreneurs and social innovators contribute to creating a more equitable world and achieving the goals of sustainable development.

We are part of a universe that has given us the best resources to evolve; As such, we have an obligation and a responsibility to consciously create a sustainable environment with benefits for all.

Social innovation is one of the ways in which we can validate our purpose, and social entrepreneurs are the vehicle of technical development that achieves the purpose of serving society with the promise of a better future for our humanity.

Our foundation, Blockchain for Humanity (b4H) , works hard with these social innovators to develop purposeful social impact projects that is directly related to the sustainable development goals and the United Nations 2030 agenda.

Our ecosystem of entrepreneurs, innovators, mentors, contributors and impact investors work together to solve social problems and, at the same time, create new business models that contribute to conscious capitalism, which leads to a more effective and beneficial environment for all. the parts of the ecosystem.

In our continuous search for projects that stand out in the social impact sector, b4H offers recognition to those selected by an outstanding jury of influential entrepreneurs and developers within the technical and Blockchain space . The selected projects show the potential and the ability to solve socioeconomic, public health, governance, identity, traceability, environmental and financial inclusion problems.The third edition of the b4H awards, held last December 2019, introduced a high quality of projects, with validated concepts that are actively offering the impact benefits that they originally proposed. The teams that carry out these projects are located around the world, thus achieving a good impact balance around the planet.


AgUnity empowers small farmers, improving transparency and integrity by optimizing cooperative operation and communication. It offers absolute visibility of the market and the processes of the agricultural value chain.

Category: sustainable agriculture

Impact: farmers and cooperatives

SDG: 1: Zero poverty, 2: Zero hunger, 3: Good health / Well-being, 8: Decent work and opportunity for economic growth, 5: Reduce inequality, 12: Responsible consumption and production.


BanQu offers visibility and integrity in the traceability of the global supply chain, using a platform enabled by blockchain technology, to connect farmers and workers in the global economy. BanQu’s mission is to alleviate extreme poverty. With more than 200,000 beneficiaries, he uses his for-profit model to connect users, brands, organizations and governments, and at the same time a model with the purpose of serving humanity.

Category: inequality reduction / socioeconomic inclusion

Impact : farmers, refugees, communities in developing countries

SDG: 1: Zero poverty, 10: Reduce inequality


EthKids is a system that facilitates donations for children, through an open protocol, non-commercialization and totally decentralized. EthKids technology enables the gratification of donations by creating a token that generates value as contributions increase, seeking to remedy the short-term relationship between donors and charities.

Category: traceability of funds / Donations

Impact: children, NGO

SDG: 10: Reduce inequality, 3: Good health / Well-being


Moved by the unsustainable situation in Venezuela due to lack of food, PolloPollo develops a platform that facilitates the interaction between donors, beneficiaries and physical products. The system manages logic contracts that are responsible for distributing the donation directly to the producer when the beneficiary confirms receipt of the product.

Category: NGO, Fund Traceability / Donations

Impact: vulnerable communities in Venezuela

SDG: 10: Reduce inequality, 12: Responsible consumption and production, 2: No hunger, 3: Good health / Well-being


VenezVit’s goal is to save lives, helping patients who live in countries with social and economic crises, to meet their needs for medicines that are generally inaccessible due to cost or distribution. Venezvit tries to reduce the waste of medicines in good condition, generated in some European countries, to distribute them in places where they are urgently needed.

Category: Health, Supply chain

Impact: People in need of medicines / NGOs that distribute medicines

SDG: 3: Good health / Well-being

We are experiencing a time of rebirth, where the creation of emerging technologies is carried out with a humanitarian benefit. The “artists” of this renaissance are our entrepreneurs and social innovators. They develop the potential of social innovation to create a more equitable world and support the goals of sustainable development led by the United Nations.

The Blockchain for Humanity team is proud to support and collaborate with social innovators through the “b4H Catalyst” program. The projects recognized by the ‘b4H Awards’ are part of this stellar group of social entrepreneurs who are offered mentoring, technical support, visibility and promotion, and a network of contributors and connoisseurs who make up the # Coalitions4GOOD movement.


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