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The massive presentation of ERTEs in our country has revealed that many companies today are not prepared to face changes in demand, nor do they have reservations that allow them to face these changes and, worse still, they do not have a flexible organizational structure to adapt to them.

The aforementioned weakness is undoubtedly not a guarantee of employment and neither does it allow us to think that the solution to their ills would be through the presentation of an ERTE .

These moments should serve us to adapt our reality to moments of crisis , so that measures such as ERTEs are temporary and not structural measures.

To think that the ERTEs presented respond exclusively to the result of two months of cessation of activity would mean to think that companies do not have a sufficient “pantry” in the form of reserves to face this new conjunctural scenario.

A deep analysis of our business, our organizational processes and our rigidity will undoubtedly make us reborn from this situation with more solidity and guarantees in this changing market that does not warn.

Throughout my professional career I have had to deal with many crisis situations, I have presented two ERTEs and one ERE . From that situation I draw several conclusions and our current reality corroborates it. From an ERTE one goes towards another ERTE or towards an ERE generally, if there is no other alternative.

A new ERTE?

Very much in vogue is the need for a plan B. Thinking of ERTE as our unique lifeline is as naive as believing that our ills originate with COVID-19.

We will see in the near future that many companies will inevitably end up presenting a new ERTE , extend the current one or lead to an ERE as was my case. We will see that none of these measures is sometimes a solution and after the ERE they will close if they do not accompany these measures with others based on a deep restructuring and rapid reaction to new scenarios that bring not only cuts, but upturns.

Let’s work bi-direction ally. Let’s align our expenses to the new reality, but let’s also grow our reality with new sales from clients and new clients with sales.

Thinking only of cuts has the risk of only achieving that, cuts. Thinking about sales also does not offer any guarantees, but it does open the way to attract them , by aligning the efforts of our teams towards a more positive and attractive goal.


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