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As user behaviors around travel search change, we try to help our advertisers who use Hotel Ads to minimize risks while responsibly organizing future bookings.

We’ve been testing a commission program (per stay) that allows our Google Hotel Ads partners to pay a commission only in the event that a traveler stays at the hotel , automatically adjusting hotel ad offers to maximize the value of the reservation. This program is open to the participation of all our Hotel Ads partners.

In the coming weeks, we will also enable a “free cancellation” filter for hotel users and highlight what hotel rates are refundable when making a reservation. Additionally, we are helping our partners share this information through their global cancellation policies.

Experts say

As Pablo Delgado (Mirai) affirms , ” commission models are part of the DNA of hoteliers , especially those establishments where the stay is paid when the hotel is abandoned and where there are cancellation charges.”

Hoteliers are not vendors and, most importantly, they don’t want to be. With the pay-per-stay program, Google offers the industry a necessary, risk-free and simple solution to achieve its growth goals with Hotel Ads.

Javier Delgado, Chief Commercial & Digital officer at Iberostar Hotels & Resorts , states that search marketing is an increasingly complex science, “and Google’s offer of commissions per stay is a unique solution that simplifies complexities such as offers or attribution, providing a risk-free tool that offers unmatched visibility to capture demand without risk. ”

According to Delgado, “this feature of Google Hotel Ads has proven essential in times like the coronavirus crisis , when uncertainty and volatility are at the highest levels and cash preservation is of utmost importance. Google does the heavy lifting for hotels, given the low levels of demand, to pay only once guests leave. ”

For more information on managing your hotel’s Google presence during the coronavirus pandemic, here you can find best practice recommendations for the hospitality industry .


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