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The president of the United States, Donald Trump , has assured this Wednesday that he has already signed the executive order that suspends immigration to the United States, which will apply to permanent residence – it will stop the issuance of green cards – during 60 days in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic .

“In order to protect our great American workers , I just signed an executive order temporarily suspending immigration to the United States,” Trump said during the coronavirus task force press conference at the White House, while He has clarified that he has signed it “just” before entering the room.

“It will ensure that unemployed Americans of all backgrounds are first in line for jobs as the economy reopens,” he added. In this sense, he has also affirmed that the order “will preserve” the resources for medical care in the country for “American patients,” according to the CNN television network. “We have to take care of our patients, we have to take care of our great American workers and that is what we are doing,” he said.

In this context, the American president has also alluded to the medical supplies available in the country, and has pointed out that “hundreds of thousands of respirators” have been manufactured. “No one knew this, everyone was talking about respirators because they thought I was not able to solve this problem, but I have solved it, ” he asserted.

Thus, he has detailed that he has had a conversation “with some leaders who desperately need respirators” and has specified that the United States has sent “5,400 to Mexico, others 5,400 to France” and “some more to Spain and Italy”. On the other hand, Trump has defended his decision to reopen the American country in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, alluding to the fact that Covid-19 “will not return in the same way . 

“And if it does come back, however, it won’t come back the same way. It will come back in smaller doses than we can contain, ” Trump said during the daily press conference for the coronavirus task force at the White House. “In my opinion, from everything I have seen, it can never be like what we have seen so far. What we have just gone through, we will not go through (…) We will not go through what we have gone through in recent months “he insisted.

“Too Soon” for Georgia

However, minutes later, the US president has assessed that “it is too soon” for the state of Georgia to reopen its economy and has specified that it is “strongly” in disagreement with the governor, Brian Kemp. The man announced that this Friday gyms, bowling alleys, beauty centers and other businesses will be able to come back into operation. In-person religious services may also return , while restaurants and cinemas may open on Monday.

“I have told Governor Kemp that I strongly disagree with his decision to open some facilities, which constitutes a violation of phase one of the recommendations for the incredible people of Georgia,” Trump said. “But at the same time, he must do what he thinks is right. I want him to do what he thinks is right. I want him to do what he thinks is right , but I disagree with him on what he is doing,” he said. added, while saying he wants governors to make decisions.

In this line, the main scientific head in the fight against the coronavirus in the United States, Anthony Fauci, has also expressed that he has specified that the United States must “carefully consider how to return to normality”. Fauci, who has insisted that physical distancing “works,” has asked governors to be careful to avoid a “rebound” in coronavirus cases. “There is a possibility that we will have a rebound. And the only way not to reopen the economy is to have a rebound that we cannot

Georgia, which has 21,102 coronavirus cases and 846 deaths, according to its Health Department, has launched the most aggressive plan of all the states to reopen its economy. The date that the Trump Administration manages for the reopening of the country is May 1. The United States is the country most affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, with more than 837,000 positives and more than 46,000 deaths.


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