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One more week, from Mirai they analyze the reservation and cancellation data for the coming weeks. Week 19 improves with respect to previous  weeks and the good trend continues, although still with a negative reserve balance:

Since the crisis began, it is the best week and for the first time we have dropped the 200% cancellation ratio.

By markets:

  • Spain is almost in positive Pick ups . If nothing changes, with the current trend, it will be next week.
  • Germany and the US also continue to improve.
  • UK worsens slightly in overall computation.

    July is still bad, but August , thanks to the Spaniards, returns to Pick up positive after several bad weeks. Autumn also improves overall thanks to international markets, mainly British and German.

    Roomnights variation and cancellation ratio weeks 1 to 19

    In the following graphs we see the evolution of the pick up (Roomnights) compared to last year (the columns indicate the percentage variation). We analyze it by zooming in on certain specific periods of stay: for August and the last four-month period (Sept.-Dec.), According to the week in which the reservations are made: from week 1 of the year to 19, which was last week . The red line indicates the cancellation percentage according to the week.


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