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B + SAFE  has presented an access control solution designed to facilitate the return to normality in companies and ensure the health of workers . The new solution performs access control by facial recognition , even with a mask, and measures the temperature of each person , limiting access to those who exceed the established body temperature.

The new system uses a powerful algorithm for facial recognition , based on the latest computer vision technology, which allows facial verification, even wearing a mask.

In addition, it is completed with a body temperature detection system that carries the camera that allows or does not allow access depending on whether the person has a high temperature, with a deviation of ± 0.3 ° C. In the absence of physical contact in the process, any possibility of contagion and access by people with fever is avoided .

The system, which sets a new standard in the biometric technology industry, allows up to 50,000 facial templates to be registered , with a recognition speed of less than 0.3 seconds per face and maximum anti-counterfeiting capacity against all types of fraud as you want. trick the system with fake photos or videos.

“Thanks to its contactless technology and temperature control, the new solution can help in the surveillance of communicable diseases ” explains Nuño Azcona, CEO of B + Safe “.


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