What Professionals Are Saying About NorCal BMA

Kathleen SchaubNetworking with Norcal BMA members has been a rewarding experience. Soon, after the presentation that I gave on “Transforming Lead Management”, I was pleased to discover that one of the audience, an executive from a large technology company, had circulated my slides within their company. This connection has resulted in a number of high level relationships and new business for my company. I look forward to more interactions with the BMA.”

Kathleen Schaub
Vice President
IDC CMO Advisory Service

Amir Zamanian
Regional Sales Manager

“NORCAL BMA recruits top-­‐notch speakers that address real-­‐world topics relevant to my marketing efforts. Not only does this help me to be more effective, it attracts higher-­‐quality members for better networking opportunities.“

Paula Phipps
Senior Software Product Marketing Manager
Hitachi Data Systems

Jane Wang

“Working overseas the past few years, I missed the opportunity BMA provided to learn new marketing best practices and mingle with my peers. Since getting back involved with NorCal BMA late last year, my participation has helped hone my skills in social media, marketing automation, lead nurturing, customer experience and more.”

Jane Wang
Global Marketing Communications Professional

Tony Harris

“By participating in NorCal BMA I achieve three vital professional goals: 1) I keep up with the latest knowledge from leading marketing experts, 2) I network with other professionals from across Silicon Valley and 3) I share my knowledge with other marketers. The BMA is key to my continued career growth.“

Tony Harris
Senior Marketing Leader


“Involvement in NorCal BMA has benefitted me in so many unexpected ways. Upon joining the Board in 2010, I was able to apply insights learned from my just-completed social media strategy certification course to my new director of social media role. After two years in that capacity, I was elected president of the chapter, where I’ve had the opportunity to recruit some talented B2B marketing friends and work together with them to turn the chapter around from six straight years of steady decline to winner of the Large Chapter Growth Award at the Global BMA Conference this May. Recently, a contact I made through BMA led to my new job as a general manager at The Innovation Games® Co. I’m always gratified to hear fellow members who have also found invaluable connections and job opportunities as a direct result of BMA-related introductions I helped facilitate. When I think about great return on investment, NorCal BMA has delivered big time. The great results I’ve experienced has motivated me to continue as president of the chapter for a second term”

Nancy Chou
General Manager
Knowsy Knows
The Innovation Games® Company

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