NorCal BMA’s 75th Anniversary Anthology “Inception to Inspiration” — Part I

How long is 75 years? One might think “75 years is 75 years” until you consider the pace of change. In 1938, the
75th Anniversaryaverage cost of a new home was $4,100 and average wages per year were $1,780. A gallon of gas cost 10 cents. Where were we innovating? In 1938, the Golden Gate Bridge had just opened, and so did the first blood bank in Chicago. The BBC used its outdoor broadcast unit for the first time to share the coronation of King George VI—the subject of the recent movie “The King’s Speech”—and a radio-captivated U.S. audience welcomed the CBS World Roundup.

Bottom line, we’ve probably seen more innovation and fundamental change in the past 75 years than in the past 500 years combined!

And for 75 years the history of the Norcal BMA has been intertwined with the technology companies in what has come to be known as the Silicon Valley. What better way to tell our story than to highlight the marketing and technology innovations that have had such a profound impact on marketing, communications, and our daily lives today for the past 75 years?

The History of Marketing (short version)

The pace of change has clearly accelerated, but one thing remains true—marketing is and has always been a blend of art and science. For example, the science news of 1450 was the invention of Gutenberg’s printing press, which would ultimately lead to mass-produced written communications. A not-so-trivial historical sidelight: in 1836 the first paid advertisement ran in a French newspaper, signaling the advent of advertising’s ability to influence the masses for good or ill. Read More