Past Events

ANA Business Marketing of Northern California (formerly NORCAL BMA) hosts a variety of educational and networking programs for Bay Area B2B marketers. Miss an event? Get access to recaps, slides, and photos from the event on our blog.

Savvy Cellar Wine Bar B2B Speed to Market(ing) - 18 MARCH 2019, HAPPY HOUR ROUNDTABLE, SAVVY CELLAR, 50 W. EVELYN AVE, MOUNTAIN VIEW. Ways & Means and Pop Research combined forces to raise brand awareness for multiple B2B brands, with what some consider to be lightning speed, for clients like Freshworks, Noon Home, and Here Technologies. These clients faced the challenges of finite budgets, hard to reach B2B targets, ...LEARN MORE...
CX Uncontained — How Customer Experience Drives Hyper-Growth - 28 FEBRUARY 2019, SPEAKER EVENT, DETATI DIGITAL MARKETING, 265 CASPIAN DR., SUNNYVALE. While many sectors of the $7 trillion global logistics industry have been modernized over the past 20 years, the freight forwarding market has significantly lagged behind. Freight forwarding functions as the circulatory system for global trade and is vital for the health of the global economy, but today ...LEARN MORE...
Savvy Cellar Wine Bar Funnel Optimization - 28 JANUARY 2019, HAPPY HOUR ROUNDTABLE, SAVVY CELLAR, 50 W. EVELYN AVE, MOUNTAIN VIEW. B2B marketing is maturing from being focused just on awareness and lead generation to taking responsibility for optimizing each stage of the funnel. But we need to bring an honest understanding of the buyer’s experience to know what to improve and to get alignment with sales. ...LEARN MORE...
CX in the Age of Choice - Notice: This event has been postponed until this Spring. New information coming soon.
Savvy Cellar Wine Bar Breaking through with your CFO - 10 DECEMBER 2018, HAPPY HOUR ROUNDTABLE, SAVVY CELLAR, 50 W. EVELYN AVE, MOUNTAIN VIEW. In the constant battle for budget and freedom to experiment with new and exciting branding or demand gen tactics, you must have the CFO in your corner or face a never-ending battle of red tape and obstruction. Contrary to common thought, your CFO can and should ...LEARN MORE...
Closed-Loop Customer Discovery: Where Demand Gen, Research and Thought Leadership Converge - OCTOBER 11, 2018, DETATI DIGITAL MARKETING, 265 CASPIAN DRIVE, SUNNYVALE, CA 94087. Major companies in Silicon Valley such as Symantec and SAP have been applying the concepts of Closed-Loop Customer Discovery (CLCD) to build funnels, conduct market research for products, and uncover new trends. Learn how these companies generated executive engagement and how it has fundamentally benefited their business processes. ...LEARN MORE...
Savvy Cellar Wine Bar Crossing the Chasm between Marketing and Sales: Actualizing GTM Strategy into Sales Execution - 30 JULY 2018, SAVVY CELLAR, 50 W. EVELYN AVE, MOUNTAIN VIEW. When marketing builds a strategy that captures customer value, sales enablement can build a complementary deployment and adoption strategy that will most effectively amplify the marketing plan. Tobias and Hang have successfully partnered at two markets to build a go-to-market plan with Chasm philosophy and seamlessly hand-off to sales ...LEARN MORE...
Savvy Cellar Wine Bar Outsourcing Marketing Executives in the Gig Economy - 25 JUNE 2018, HAPPY HOUR ROUNDTABLE, SAVVY CELLAR, 50 W. EVELYN AVE, MOUNTAIN VIEW. The gig economy has arrived. Ushered in after the 2008 downturn that had shaken up the world economy, it is projected to result in 40% of the workforce not holding full-time employment by the year 2020. Come and learn how you can find success in this ...LEARN MORE...
Make Intent Data Actionable - 24 MAY 2018, MONTHLY EVENT, TECHCODE, 1172 CASTRO STREET, MOUNTAIN VIEW. Join Mike Rogers to learn more about "intent data" and how to make it actionable for your business. Further, use the knowledge you'll gain from this event to prioritize and expand your account base, accelerate conversions and a lot more with the power of intent. Mike is Senior Vice President of ...LEARN MORE...
Savvy Cellar Wine Bar Experiential Marketing + Earned Media as Drivers of Brand/Sales: A 3D Manufacturing Case Study - 30 APRIL 2018, HAPPY HOUR ROUNDTABLE, SAVVY CELLAR, 50 W. EVELYN AVE, MOUNTAIN VIEW. Have you ever wondered how Apple or Tesla started on the idea of centralization of their offering—Hardware, Software and other Technology—while truly disrupting a category? This session will detail how a start-up in Silicon Valley is disrupting a 30-year old industry while also creating a new ...LEARN MORE...

Summer Mixer, July 20, 2017
Hotel Valencia — Cielo Rooftop Bar, 355 Santana Row, San Jose, CA 95128

All work and no play makes B2B marketers miss deadlines!

Join the NorCal BMA on July 20th at the Hotel Valencia on Santana Row for an evening of cocktails, appetizers, and networking. The Cielo Rooftop Bar inside the hotel provides the perfect backdrop for relaxing, meeting new connections, and re-connecting with old friends and colleagues. With views of the Santa Cruz Mountains in the heart of Silicon Valley, this is the perfect venue to enjoy a nice summer evening while feeding your professional growth.

Kiyoto Tamura

Monthly Meeting, April 13, 2017
NetApp, Building 7, 1345 Crossman Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94089

How to Use Customer Data for Marketing Success

FEATURED SPEAKER: Kiyoto Tamura, VP of Marketing at Treasure Data

Over the last decade, the relationship between marketing and data has evolved quite a bit. Today, data-savvy marketing teams are using customer data  to take their marketing programs to the next level. What’s the difference between them and the rest of us? The answer is: Customer Data Platforms (CDPs).


Happy Hour Roundtable, March 27, 2017
Savvy Wine Cellars, Mountain View

Innovation in Mapping to the Human Experience

Shobhana Viswanathan, Director of Product Marketing at VMware within the Cloud Management Business Unit
Sasha Frljanic, Chief Experience Officer at Indigo

Today, customer experience leaders are setting new standards, and companies can no longer compete on features alone. To succeed, companies have to understand what their end-to-end customer experience is, their expectations from your brand, what their experience is now, and how to improve it. Learn about best practices in experience mapping so you can clearly show who, where, when, and how your customers interact with your brand, product, or service.

Grover Righter

Monthly Meeting, March 9, 2017
NetApp, Building 7, 1345 Crossman Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94089

Return on Marketing Investment Using a Data Science Approach

FEATURED SPEAKER: Grover Righter, Chief Scientist at Lever10 Inc

Listen in as a practicing data scientist digs into several real-world case studies of marketing science, and B2B program metrics. There will be results based on customers using Eloqua, Marketo, Pardot and HubSpot (all with CRM) presented.

25 Lusk Restaurant


Happy Hour Roundtable, February 27, 2017
Twenty Five Lusk, 25 Lusk St, San Francisco, CA 94107

Fueling Demand Generation with Social Selling

FEATURED SPEAKER: Jock Breitwieser, Head of Corporate Communications at TriNet

Today, support for the sales team doesn’t just have to come through traditional mailers, events and online ads. A strong ally for your marketing efforts comes in the form of the team that manages social media within your corporate communications. While traditional marketing efforts are successful, TriNet’s marketing team connects the dots and leverages integrated campaigns with social media push to boost marketing efficiency. This roundtable gives you specific examples of how demand generation and corporate communications can work in sync to increase business success.

Kathleen Schaub

Monthly Meeting, February 9, 2017

Content Marketing Supply Chain

FEATURED SPEAKER: Kathleen Schaub, Vice President, IDC CMO Advisory and Customer Experience Practice

The Era of Big Content has arrived. The content question of the year is not just how to create great content – but how to create great content at scale! Come join Kathleen Schaub of IDC to learn more about the Content Marketing Supply Chain framework, along with her suggestions for how companies can change their approach to master this critical competency.


Happy Hour Roundtable, January 30, 2017

Incorporating Account Based Marketing into a Traditional Demand Generation organization - A Hybrid Approach

FEATURED SPEAKERS: Mike Goldgof and Beth McCullough, WhiteHat Security

WhiteHat Security has been in the business of securing web applications for 15 years. It had a well-established traditional demand generation model and mix of marketing program to reach lead goals. Now looking for ways to target and reach more of those ideal customers, what steps did it take to expand on that to incorporate account-based marketing into their practices?

Linda Sharp

Monthly Meeting, January 12, 2017

Map Value Creation for greater Customer Relationship Intelligence (CRI)

FEATURED SPEAKER: Linda Sharp, CEO, Religence

In the global economy of the 21st century, products have become commodities. Global companies can match the features and prices of almost any product in any industry. What then can companies do to differentiate their offering and add customer value?


NorCal BMA Happy Hour Roundtable – Monday, November 14, 2016

Data-Driven Media Strategies: Making Sense of the Noise

James Miller, SVP Business Development at DWA SF
Louise Crawford, Senior Director of Demand Generation at Silver Peak
Kristine Go, Manager, Paid Media & Advertising at Netapp

Kaushik Pael

NorCal BMA Monthly Meeting – Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Marketing Tech Stack of Tomorrow

Kaushik Patel, Senior Director of Marketing, Thoughtspot


"Struggling with Content Chaos?" with Jamie Mendez and Nicole Sommerfeld

October 17, 2016

Hear how the IBM PartnerWorld organization created a unified strategy with the help of TDA Group, to showcase an array of executive voices, engage the channel and fuel social networks – while also winning awards along the way that speak to B2B editorial and design excellence.


'Instrumenting' the Marketing Machine in a Time of Continuous Change with Shawn Ottenbreit

September 19, 2016

In the past 3 years alone over 25% of the marketing jobs that existed back in 2013 have gone away and been replaced by completely new roles and this trend is expected to continue for the next 3 years. These are unprecedented times with industries and businesses being disrupted by an underlying transformation of businesses to a digital foundation. From organizational design, to content planning, to agency selection, to marketing operations, to programmatic media-buying and everything in between, we will have an interactive dialogue on instrumenting the marketing machine in a time of continuous change.

Phyllis Davidson

Transforming Your Website with the Right Content: Web Content Strategy Best Practices with Phyllis Davidson

September 8, 2016
B-to-B audiences increasingly depend on Web experiences to support their purchasing research and post-sale customer experiences. Unfortunately, too many b-to-b organizations are failing to deliver content or context that satisfies audience expectations and drives business impact. Come, join us for this presentation on how to transform your b-to-b Website into a modern, audience-centric, content-fueled home base for your company’s digital presence. We’ll look at different approaches to digital to inform your web content strategy, and share best practices for developing content that align with your digital type and goals.

Eric Andrews


Marketing Technology: Plotting a Course to the Marketing Organization of the Future with Eric Andrews

August 15, 2016
The number of marketing tools and technologies is exploding, and it is both good news and bad news for marketers. Those who can harness the technology can leverage it as a source of competitive advantage. Marketers without a clear strategy and plan run the risk of sub-optimizing their investments and their teams. But where to start? We will explore a practical approach to building a marketing technology strategy and roadmap. Come join us and share your experiences, challenges and questions.

Randall Hull


Becoming a Better B2B Brand with Randall Hull

July 25, 2016
Brand matters in B2B. Two of the top 10 brands from Forbes’ World’s Most Valuable Brands are B2B companies. Yet, market dynamics and social media have changed the way brands are built. We will explore how data can be brought to life, value built, and connections made in the process of developing distinctive B2B brands.

Members Only BAM ANA Event

BMA Members-Only Conference

July 19, 2016
Join us for a members-only conference, brought to you by the BMA/ANA national organizations. The conference brings together top client-side digital marketing professionals and key industry experts to discuss B2B marketing topics. This conference offers inspiring thought leadership from senior marketers who will highlight successful marketing programs that leverage the latest tools and principles of B2B marketing.

CIelo Bar, Santana Row

NorCal BMA Summer Mixer

July 13, 2016
Join the NorCal BMA on July 13th at the Hotel Valencia on Santana Row for an evening of cocktails, appetizers, and networking. The Cielo Rooftop Bar inside the hotel provides the perfect backdrop for relaxing, meeting new connections, and re-connecting with old friends and colleagues. With views of the Santa Cruz Mountains in the heart of Silicon Valley, this is the perfect venue to enjoy a nice summer evening while feeding your professional growth.

Jennifer M Blatnik

Big Data Analytics is Kind of a Big Deal with Jennifer Blatnik

June 20, 2016
There is data everywhere and everyone wants to use it. IDC estimates the big data analytics market was worth $122B last year in 2015 and expected to grow to worth of $187B in 2019. Is there a magic Big Data Analytics tool that does it all? Do I need to hire data scientists, data architects, data analysts, database administrators, database programmers? We will discuss best practices on what data to use, how to look for contextual data and set up data driven experiments to drive business outcomes. Please come and share your experiences, best practices, challenges and questions

Lisa Nakano

Customer Experience Marketing with Lisa Nakano

June 9, 2016
In a b-to-b world where it sometimes seems that most offerings can be duplicated by competitors overnight, best-in-class customer experience remains a key differentiator. Creating this experience isn’t easy; it requires a significant amount of coordination between sales, marketing and product functions and a strong executive mandate. A key component of a successful customer experience effort is building, activating and leveraging customer advocates. And because customer proof is critical to building market trust, advocacy should be a key responsibility that serves sales, marketing and product teams.

Sarah Autrand


5 Steps to Successful Content Marketing for B2B Leads with Sarah Autrand

May 16, 2016
In B2B, content is critical to build a strong sales funnel. What’s the best strategy for content? What resource options do you have? Can you sell your ideas to Sales, Product Marketing and other executives? What’s your content for the next 6 months and how are you using it? What mix of content is right for your products and services?

Sudha Jamthe

Marketing Disruptions with Internet of Things with Sudha Jamthe

May 12, 2016
Internet of Things (IoT) is calling Marketers for leadership to shape the growing IoT Ecosystem. IoT is disrupting industries with a predicted 50 Billion connected devices and $16 trlllion value by 2020. IoT connects all things on us and around us to the Internet creating a world of connected customers. How is this influencing the customer journey? Where is IoT creating business value along the customer funnel? What is the role of marketing in IoT and how are marketing jobs shifting with it?

Richard Bliss


Becoming the Influential 1% on Social

April 18, 2016
Being active on social is not about amassing thousands of Twitter followers. It is about becoming influential, with the tools to listen to the conversations going on in the Social world and learning to be a part of that conversation to wield influence and gain insights. We will explore using Twitter and LinkedIn to build influence and be part of the Social experience. Come join us and share your experience, challenges and questions.

agile marketing and next gen gym

Agile Marketing and Next-Generation Go-To-Market Methods

April 14, 2016
In a recent survey, two-thirds of senior marketing executives believe that marketing has changed more in the past two years than in the past 50. Trends such as big data analytics, scrum, and digital/social methods have changed the game. Join Adrian Ott, Award-Winning Author & CEO, Exponential Edge Inc.; Dave Lloyd, Senior Manager of Global Search Marketing, Adobe; and Sheryl Root, Associate Professor, Carnegie Mellon University to explore what this transformation means and what today’s business marketers need to do to capitalize on these opportunities.

Fishing with Spears: All about Account-Based Marketing

March 10, 2016
Account-based marketing (ABM) is quickly becoming the next big thing in B2B marketing. If you’re a marketer and supporting sales teams selling large deals, you won’t want to miss this event. Join us for an exciting hour to learn how to strategize account based marketing and orchestrate account plans to drive results for your organization. Jon is a marketing entrepreneur and thought leader. He is currently the CEO and co-founder of Engagio, an "all-in-one" platform for account based marketing. Previously, Jon was a co-founder at Marketo (Nasdaq:MKTO), a leader in marketing automation.

The Ten Secrets to Delivering B2B Digital Marketing Success

Feb 11, 2016
With his unique style and highly engaging manner, Dick will review what his organization has learned over the last year running integrated B2B programs for over 50 different B2B clients and give you his top tips to ensure your campaigns are a success in 2016. The session will include recommendations on how to turbo charge your content marketing, paid social media, lead conversions and Account Based Marketing campaigns. To finish the session he will give us a look into the future with his personal vision on what will be the hottest advances in digital for the next 12 months.

Data Insights for Marketers

Jan 14, 2016
Theresa Kushner has been managing and using data for over 20 years in the high tech industry working for Texas Instruments, IBM, Cisco and now VMware. She calls herself a data-vangelist and speaks enthusiastically about the importance of managing data from raw input to fact to insight. During this session, she will share with you her learnings on managing the data supply chain - from creation to cremation -- in today's big data world. Co-author of two books on data, Theresa brings a different perspective to how marketers should look at data today.

NorCal BMA Holiday Party 2015

Dec 10, 2015
Watch a recap of our Holiday Mixer at Cucina Venti Restaurant in Mountain View, California.

Evolution of the Virtual Sales Rep

Nov 12, 2015
Meet the “virtual” sales rep – the extremely automated new role evolving to meet the expectations of today’s self-sufficient buyer for high service levels. This emerging hybrid of marketing, sales, with a healthy amount of customer service thrown in is a far cry from the historical “me and my quota” sales rep. IDC provides guidance to both the CMO and the CIO who have critical roles equipping this team for success. Kathleen Schaub, Vice President of the CMO Advisory Service will share insight, research, and case studies about what's next as the digital transformation continues to change the role of sales.

Moments that Matter: Channeling Revenue in a Social World 

Oct 15, 2015
Come join us for an exciting thought provoking discussion on new ways of channeling revenue in a social world. In this presentation, we will look at content across the funnel to draw prospects into and through with real company examples.  Walk away with a demand and content strategy around social channels.

Leading A Digital Transformation:
5 Keys to Help Your Partners Succeed

Sep 24, 2015
Come hear Meaghan Sullivan share her front line experiences working with IT channel partners and distributors to increase business with digital marketing programs and initiatives. As Vice President at SAP, Sullivan has developed 5 key tips to drive the channel's transformation to succeed with Digital Marketing. SAP was recognized as a leader by IDC for investing in their partner's online presence. Come learn why Sullivan believes vendors who empower their partners with digital marketing leadership will drive the biggest business gains.

Return on Marketing Investment Using a Data Science Approach

Jun 24, 2015
Listen in as a practicing data scientist digs into 4 real-world case studies of marketing science, and B2B program metrics. There will be results based on customers using Eloqua, Marketo and Act-On (all with CRM) presented. The focus will be on how to gather, normalize and study program performance data and then decode what the results tell us to do. There will also be a deeper dive into ROMI - Return On Marketing Investment. Tools exposed in the session will be restricted to Octave and R.

The Art and Science of Sharing

May 20, 2015
What is it that makes people share? How has sharing changed the way people do business? What does this mean for you as a marketer? Sharing has always been a fundamental human behavior. In this session, Bryan Kramer (author, Shareology: Using Sharing to Power Your Human Business) shows you how technologies like the Internet, video, social media and mobile have increased the ease of communication so much that we need to rethink how the sharing of ideas influences and affects people on a global scale. You’ll discover how sharing has changed the business landscape forever, what makes a share succeed and go viral, the reason people share and why building your personal brand has never been more important.

What the Membership Economy Means for B2B Marketing

Apr 22, 2015
In today’s business world, it takes more than a website to stay competitive. The smartest, most successful b2b companies are using principles of membership, SaaS business models, and freemium pricing structures to grow their customer base—and explode their market valuation—in the most disruptive shift in business since the Industrial Revolution.

This is The Membership Economy.

Being Heard: How B2B Marketers Can Get Above the Noise in the Marketplace

Mar 25, 2015
Marketing today is out of control. With all the new marketing techniques arriving on a near daily basis, it’s becoming harder and harder to stand out from the crowd. The result is more and more messages, hitting us more often in new and more intrusive ways.

To succeed in today’s noisy, chaotic marketplace, B2B marketers need to find a way to get heard above the clutter and clatter. In this presentation, Linda Popky, author of the new book Marketing Above the noise: Achieve Strategic Advantage with Marketing that Matters, will share strategies to help marketers get the attention of customers and prospects and effectively build business.

INFLUENCE & IMPACT: Getting Your Innovative Ideas Noticed!

Feb 25, 2015
Marketing professionals have many internal stakeholders, such as Product Management, Engineering and Sales, each involved in moving ideas forward and all vying for resources and executive attention. How can you be sure your key partners recognize the value of and pay attention to your great ideas? Hone your ability to influence! Influencing is a critical skill all marketing professionals need for success, and is the most requested topic we work on with leaders.