Nancy Chou: Building the NorCal Network in a New Era

A reinvigorated NorCal BMA marks its 75th anniversary this year, having reversed a six-year decline in membership. The chapter grew its ranks by 40% over the past year, outpacing its peers and earning the Large Chapter Growth award when chapter leaders met last month in Chicago. Nancy Chou, NorCal president, spoke to BMA Buzz about the initiatives that helped drive the growth of the 117-member network.

BMA Buzz: What were the challenges to growth?

Nancy Chou

Nancy Chou
NorCal BMA President

Nancy Chou: The NorCal BMA chapter is in the hotbed of technology. There has been a seismic change in the technology industry as a whole and in b-to-b marketing in general.

In the past six years, we’ve seen the incredible acceleration of innovation on the part of the social media companies—the best known being Google, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.  It really marks a new era—one built on the foundation established by the IBMs, HPs and Intels of the world.

Traditionally Norcal BMA drew many of its members from these “legacy” companies, but during the downturn, many of these companies were forced to lay off significant staff from the top layer of management downward in order to survive in the increasingly competitive and challenging markets. NorCal’s decline in membership was a reflection of what was happening. Read More

Norcal BMA Round Table Leader Launches New Digital Marketing Book

“Marketing in a World of Digital Sharing: Are you drowning in social media noise and chaos?”

One of the primary goals of the Norcal BMA is to provide a place for business marketers to learn from and network with the brightest marketing minds in the industry. We strive to offer a forum and networking platform that allows our members to advance their  careers and become marketing leaders.

Sujata Ramnarayan

One recent example of a bright marketing mind is Sujata Ramnarayan. Sujata launched her book, “Marketing in the World of Digital Sharing: Are you drowning in social media noise and chaos?” on March 7 at a well-attended event at Books Inc. in Palo Alto. Sujata ran the BMA’s Product Marketing Round Table and provided great leadership and expertise to attendees. While this is a just small example of the value offered by the Norcal BMA, imagine the bright minds you’ll meet at our other events.

As director of roundtables, I congratulate Sujata on publishing her book, sharing her knowledge, and leading the product marketing roundtable for the past year.

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