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Recap: Evolution of a Virtual Sales Rep


Picture Robert, sitting among a bank of similar professionals, in a city near Provo, Utah. He is busy looking at different monitors that provide him data in real time, and typing on his keyboard and speaking into his headphone mic. No, he is not an air traffic controller. He is a virtual salesman. He is […]

Shareology: The Art and Science of Sharing


Bryan Kramer will be speaking at the next Norcal BMA chapter meeting on May 20 on the topic of sharing. Come one, come all, and get a better understanding of harnessing the art of sharing to further your business. @bryankramer will walk us through how technologies like video, social media and mobile have increased the ease […]

Membership Economy: Adopt or Perish?


Is an evil Superuser an oxymoron? Is it OK to ask subscribers to pay 4 times what they are used to paying? Listen to Robbie Kellman Baxter, author of the brand new book, The Membership Economy, to get the answers. Robbie will speak to Norcal BMA members and guests on April 22 on this very topic. If you […]