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Bridging Brand and Demand—A Customer First Approach to Marketing

12 SEPTEMBER 2017, MONTHLY EVENT, HPE, 3000 HANOVER ST. People don’t experience content syndication, programmatic, or print ads, they experience your brand. Each channel drives a stronger brand experience when part of a unified brand communications strategy that’s built around customers, not your organizational structure. Join industry veterans Sabrina Galati and AJ Resnick as they discuss techniques on how to build more integrated marketing programs that eliminate friction at the point of purchase.

Launching ABM with Your Sales Team—Ensuring Alignment and Success

21 AUGUST 2017, HAPPY HOUR ROUNDTABLE, SAVVY CELLAR, 50 W EVELYN AVE, MOUNTAIN VIEW. Fulfilling on the promise of ABM depends on buy-in from the Sales team and requires a focus on the details of data, content, expectation setting, analytics and communication. Designed for those who have tried and faltered or are planning to launch an ABM effort, this event will focus on specific steps you can take to reduce risk and improve revenue performance.

Summer Mixer 2017 in San Francisco

15 AUGUST 2017, SUMMER MIXER, HOTEL VITALE, 8 MISSION STREET, SAN FRANCISCO. All work and no play makes B2B marketers miss deadlines! We had so much fun in previous years during our summer mixer, we returned—in July—to Hotel Valencia's Cielo Rooftop Bar in Santana Row. It gets better...we are doubling the pleasure in 2017. Yes, we have summer mixer, part II. This will be in August, in San Francisco, at Hotel Vitale!

ABM Optimization—The Next Level Strategy

24 JULY 2017, HAPPY HOUR ROUNDTABLE, SAVVY CELLAR, 50 W EVELYN AVE, MOUNTAIN VIEW. Are you currently executing an Account Based Marketing plan? You wouldn't want to miss this discussion. Designed with you in mind, this roundtable event will focus on driving key performance metrics at every part of the marketing funnel. We’ll dive into the tips and tricks for lifecycle ABM marketing, when it’s appropriate to apply scalable techniques and optimizing the fundamentals of data, content and tactics.

NorCal BMA Summer Mixer 2017

You know how it goes ... All work and no play makes B2B marketers miss deadlines! At NorCal BMA, we have the tradition of helping you catch some R&R in the summer months. We had our rest in June this year. Our time for relaxation in 2017 is July, and we are ready to return […]

Gaining Truth and Actions from Attribution

MAY 22, 2017. HAPPY HOUR ROUNDTABLE. TURN, 295 MAIN ST, LOS ALTOS. Attribution has been a hot marketing buzzword.

And it deserves the buzz, given the importance of connecting the dots between marketing campaigns and revenue driven.

While B2B marketers have tracked attribution routinely, it is tricky to measure true attribution which may connect the dots from the original campaign to revenue generated, through intermediate campaigns.

Increasing the ROI from marketing campaigns depends on how well true attribution is measured.

Positioning and Messaging Strategies for Effective Marketing

MAY 11, 2017. MONTHLY MEETING. HPE, 3000 HANOVER ST. PALO ALTO. The success of a marketing campaign or overall strategy ultimately depends on how a company's end customers perceive, accept and adopt a product's value proposition / positioning / resulting messaging.

Especially in high technology markets, where new purchases are investments measured by impact to the business and return on investment, a product's value proposition has to be extremely clear, tangible and differentiated in order to achieve vendor preference, as well as maintain desired pricing and margin levels.

Drive Marketing Performance by Winning the Renewal of Your Employees

April 24, 2017. HAPPY HOUR ROUNDTABLE. TWENTY FIVE LUSK, 25 LUSK STREET, SAN FRANCISCO. ====== At no other time in modern marketing history, has the role and influence of talent determined the success or failure of a marketing team, department or organization. With increases in specialized needs, competition for talent, tremendous choice of employer, etc., there’s no wonder that marketing decision makers are focusing their efforts on building the marketing department of the future, now.

How to Use Customer Data for Marketing Success

Over the last decade, the relationship between marketing and data has evolved quite a bit. Today, data-savvy marketing teams are using customer data to take their marketing programs to the next level. What’s the difference between them and the rest of us? The answer is: Customer Data Platforms (CDPs).