August 27, 2014 — Norcal BMA Evening Program

The Power of Gamification to Create Engaged and Inspired Customers

Managing Director, West Coast Operations,
Inward Consulting

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Gamification is emerging as a powerful new tool that can be used to create excitement and enthusiasm for both employees and customers and drive an increase in engagement and loyalty. In today’s increasingly competitive business environment, it’s critical for organizations to provide exceptional customer experiences that result in increased brand loyalty and sales. Rick will share his experiences at leading brands like HP, Carrier and Kitchen Aid to tie together this new tool with proven brand strategies. He will show how brands can engage and inspire their customer by leveraging the power of their employees to create those exceptional customer experiences. There is mounting empirical evidence that directly correlates an engaged and inspired workforce to greater sales growth, profitability, shareholder value, and customer satisfaction and loyalty. Gamification is a key tool leading companies are using to achieve this goal.

At this event, you will walk away with:

  1. A better understanding of what Gamification is and what it isn’t
  2. Knowledge of the mechanics of an effective program and an understanding of why it works
  3. Examples of programs directed at both employees and customers
  4. Key factors to consider in building a gamification program.

We’ll also have some fun actually experiencing the impact of Gamification in an engaging activity. Join us as we explore the power of this emerging trend that creates engagement and inspiration with both your employees and your customers, and drives increased loyalty and growth.

Wednesday – August 27, 2014
5:30pm – 8:00pm
2225 East Bayshore Road, Palo Alto, 94303
BMA Members: $30/pp
Non-Members: $45/pp
* Includes Appetizers & Soft Drinks
Check out registration at the front door

About Our Speaker:


Rick DeMarco, Managing Director, West Coast Operations, Inward Consulting

Rick is a strategic business leader with a proven track record of motivating and inspiring people to achieve exceptional results in a changing environment. He has held senior leadership roles in industry leading companies like Carrier, KitchenAid, and HP in marketing, general management, sales, human resources, and accounting.

Rick is a leader and expert in the emerging field of internal brand alignment and employee engagement and recently led those efforts at Hewlett Packard, the largest technology company in the world.

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